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We believe in hiring only top talent, instilling them with unsurpassed market knowledge, and uniquely empowering them to apply their energy, expertise and creativity to each of our clients’ needs.

Our associates and partners are in the frontier of real estate market changes. 

Our dedicated team has the experience and expertise to make positive impact on our client decisions. We’ve delivered successful results for clients since 2002. Straight-talking and hardworking, our team will guide you through every step of your real estate journey. 

Private Brokerage
At SUMMIT, REALTORS®, we recognize that not all home sellers follow the traditional route when putting their home on the market. For some, a private exclusive listing can be the right method to sell their luxury home...
Business Development
Do you have business ideas or initiatives that can lead to sales growth and business expansion? At SUMMIT we foster the formation of strategic partnerships and increased profitability. Contact us today...
Customer Care
Our client support is the cornerstone of our service to our clients and customers. Feel free to contact us at anytime when you have questions or need assistance..

Real Estate as a way of life

The Partners

Brian Lewis

Founding Partner

Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen


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The Executive Associates

Frank Mousa

Commercial Mergers & Acquisitions

Jennifer Mankin


Ann Allen

Real Estate Ethics

Paul Chan


Robert McCrary

Real Estate Development

Debbie Hendry


Andrew Smith

Mergers & Acquisitions

Beverly Dawkins

Mortgage & Construction Development

Christina Amerson

Capital Markets, M&A

Anna Klatt

Risk and Compliance

Angela Butler

Project Finance Practice

Joseph A. Williams

Broker - Partner

Darlene Zavertnik

Sr. Associate

Anthony Marban

Sr. Associate

Demarcus Watkins

Sr. Associate

Brittani Pagoulatos

Sr. Associate

Jeff Ung

Sr. Associate

Ibe Asonye

Sr. Associate / Investment & Acquisitions

Sut Sinpraw

Sr. Associate /Community Development

Ryan Burton

Sr. Associate Marketing & Luxury Homes

Mildred Regal

Sr. Associate / Investment & Acquisitions

Cody Herr

Sr. Associate & Economist

Ryan Burton

Sr. Associate Marketing & Luxury Homes

Mildred Regal

Sr. Associate / Investment & Acquisitions

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